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Here you can find one off the very few profitable trading strategies there are on the internet. After 30 days no profit? You get your money back!


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60-80% Monthly Win Rate

After 1 month of trading ScalperFx's strategy you will end up having a win rate from 60-80%.

Discord VIP Group

When you bought the course you will be invited to ScalperFx's discord server where you can see all the trades everybody takes and where you can talk with other members!

Money Back After 30 Days

If you have been trading for 1 month with the strategy and didnt make any profit we will send your money back!

Answers To All Your Questions

If you have any questions about the course we will answer within 24 hours

Wake Up 9h20 Every Weekday

With ScalperFx's strategy you will have to wake up every weekday at 9h20 and trade till 15h30. You wont have to sit behind your desk all this time but you will have to check out the market for sure every 15 minutes. You can even do this on your phone so its definnetly no regular job. We do reccomend to trade on your pc because its very important to make no mistakes.

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About ScalperFx

On ScalperFx you'll find one off the few profitable strategies there are on the internet. As you maybe saw you will have to wake up every weekday at 9h20 so you wont be able to go to school or have a job. You can become very succesfull with the course but please understand that it takes allot off dedication and time, its not nothing. After countless off bad courses we kinda mastered our own strategy, nobody has this strategy and its a very good one so you're lucky to be here! We are now ready to share it with people who deserve it. We hope we can change some lives from good people!

Beginner Guide

Download Tradingview

Go to and download it on your PC.

Make An Vantage RAW Account

Go to and make an RAW account.

Deposit Funds To Vantage

Deposit funds to your Vantage account.

Learn The Course To Be Profitable

Get my course on the website to be profitable. (if you want to)

Start Trading When You Feel Ready

Start trading when you feel ready and know everything you need to know.

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